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Public Liability Insurance Ireland

The level of public liability insurance you require will depend on your trade or business requirements. The limit may vary but in Ireland it will generally start at €1.3 million. Public liability insurance will cover you or your business in the event of a claim for injury, death or damage to an individual or costs and damages arising from accidental damage to their property.

Depending on your profession a public liabiliy insurance policy will keep your business safe by covering; you, your staff, your customer/clients and members of the public. Optional protection may include cover for your plant, tools and equipment.

To purchase a public liability insurance policy, we will require the following information before we can provide a quote. Your occupation, business turnover, the number of staff employed by the business and your annual salary. Once you have provided this information we will compare insurance policies and prices to get you a competitive quote that will suit your business requirements.

Cheap Public Liability Insurance

What is public liability insurance? A public liability policy covers the business or individual in relation to their legal liability to third parties for any loss or damage to material property or bodily injury which may occur in connection with a trade or business.

Our aim is to compare public liability insurance prices to find you the cheapest and most comprehensive package. We review business quotes for sole traders and SME’s, such as retail shops, pharmacies, chemists and tradesmen including: plumbers, electricians, builders, bricklayers, landscape gardeners, painters, roofers, etc.. Please note there a 3 types of liability insurance: public liability, product liabilty and employer’s liability.

Public Liability Insurance
This policy covers you or the public in the event that a claim arises due to accidental damage or injury and you are found to be responsible. Examples include, accidently damaging a customer’s property while working on site, bursting a pipe, damaging a wall or furniture.

Product Liability Insurance
This policy covers you in the event of a claim relating to the installation of faulty parts. In essence this insurance will cover you in the event that a product supplied or fitted by you or your company is defective and causes death or injury to an individual by covering any costs and damages.

Employer’s Liability Insurance
This policy covers those working for you in the event that they sustain an injury or accident whilst working on site, under your employment. This policy may also include sub contractors, please read the terms and conditions carefully. Employers liability insurance will cover you in the event that your employees are injured or die while working for your business.

Compare Public Liability Insurance

Compare cheap public liability and professional indemnity insurance for cheap deals for your business and staff. We have great deals for sole traders, SME’s and corporate firms. All businesses are different so it’s our job to find the best product for your company’s requirements whether you are a tradesman, retailer, pharmacy or a large company.

Public liability offers protection against out of court settlements, court judgements and litigation arising from the public due to accidental injury such as falling in your premises or car park, accidental injury to staff while working for you or accidental damage to a customer’s property.

Tradesmen Insurance Ireland
Compare cheap quotes for your trade or profession, whether you are an electrician, plumber, builder, roofer, plasterer, carpenter, flooring contractor, tiler, stonemason, landscape gardener or window cleaner. Standard public liability insurance policies for tradesmen have a limit of indemnity of €1,300,000 which generally covers a standard height limit of 15 meters and a depth limit of 3 meters. If you require limits outside of this criteria please contact us for a tailored competitive quote.

Tradesmen public liability insurance will cover any accidental damage to a customer’s property/business. It will also cover you in the event of a claim due to a customer or member of the public, staff or supplier injuring themselves on your premises. The following companies provide tradesmen public liability insurance in Ireland: Allianz, Arachas, Aviva, Axa, FBD, Frost, RSA, Thomond, Optis, Prestige and Zurich.

Retail Shop Insurance Ireland
Our aim is to find the best and most competitive insurance package in Ireland for your business or shop whether you sell clothing and fashion, food and groceries, office supplies or books and newspapers. The retail public liabilty policy may include cover for your building and contents, fixtures and fittings and stock. We also offer business interruption insurance in the event you suffer a loss of income due to a disaster. Please phone today for a professional, friendly and competitive quote tailored for your retail business.

Pharmacy Insurance Ireland
Compare pharmacy public liability and professional indemnity insurance for great deals. This insurance package will cover nurses, pharmacists and beauticians for retail insurance and accidental breaches of professional duty such as dispensing incidents/errors claims, pharmacy product liability insurance, employee liability and incorrect medical advice. It also covers any loss suffered by the public due to professional error, omission or neglect.

Essentially it will cover legal expenses and costs which may arise due to defence of a claim. In the instance that the pharmacy nurse does not have her/his own PI insurance and engages in additional roles and duties, we offer pharmacy nurse Insurance which will cover legal expense claims against errors in providing advice, taking blood and blood pressure, patient screening and reviewing patient histories and administrating vaccinations.

All information on this website is for information purposes only and should not be considered as financial advice. Thank you for visiting our insurance comparison website, we hope that you found our public liability content interesting.