Gadget Insurance

Gadget insurance Ireland

If you are looking to buy cheap gadget insurance online you have come to the right place. Review insurance prices today to see if you can save on your existing cover. Gadgets can be expensive, so it may be worth your while paying a small amount each month in case of accidental damage or theft.

With gadget insurance you can insure up to 5 items for the year at an affordable price. Flexible payment options are available. We suggest that you compare different levels of cover to ensure that you are getting the best deal before buying online.

A growing number of individuals now have smart phones in Ireland whether it’s an iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Sony, Microsoft or Nokia. Mobiles can be very expensive so it may be worth your while taking out insurance.

Please note; if you buy a new phone from a retail outlet you do not have to take out their insurance. We suggest that you shop around to get the best deal. Always read the terms carefully when comparing cover levels.

Mobile phones, laptops and iPad are now becoming a necessity in everybody’s life. So, it’s important that you have cover in place should something happen. Please note worldwide gadget cover is also available should you wish to travel abroad.

How do I get cheap phone insurance?

Looking for cheap phone insurance in Ireland? We have outlined some mobile phone insurance tips for you to review.

  • Firstly, don’t purchase phone insurance from a retail outlet. Instead shop around to find the best deal. You may be surprised at how much you can save.
  • The cheapest cover may not always be the best policy for you
  • If you do buy insurance and then change your mind, by law you have a 14-day cooling off period. This will allow you to cancel the contract, but you must do so within this time frame.
  • Store your gadget or phone receipts in a safe place in the event that you need make an insurance claim.
  • In the event that your phone is damaged or stolen, you must report this to your insurance and phone company, generally within 12 -24 hours. You must also report this to the Gardai Siochana.
  • Make sure you provide the correct details when filling out the claim form, as incorrect details may affect the claim.
  • Finally, if you are replacing your phone notify the insurance company with the details. Terms and limits may vary.

Thank you for visiting our gadget insurance page, we hope we were able to save you time and money.