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Travel Insurance

Expect the unexpected…whether you are going abroad for leisure or business. Travel insurance will offer you peace of mind and safeguard you and your family against flight delays, cancellations and loss of baggage. It will also cover those less predictable risks such as breaking a leg, suffering a heart attack or contracting a serious/contagious illness. All of which will place you in a foreign hospital…generally with an expensive medical bill.

Some travelers take out the first policy offered to them, typically by the airline, ferry company or travel agency, however this may not be the best policy. The following benefits are typically covered by most insurers, however we would recommend that you go through the policy wording and schedule of benefits carefully.

– Trip cancellation
– Missed departure
– Delayed departure
– Loss of baggage
– Medical cover
– Personal liability

Travel insurance exclusions:
We have outlined a list of the most common insurance exclusions below:

– Adventure holidays, e.g. skiing, mountaineering, skydiving, etc. You will need to take out a specific policy to cover the additional risks involved.
– Pre-existing illnesses e.g. high blood pressure, diabetes etc.
– If you have had recent tests carried out by a hospital but have not heard back regarding the results.
– If the length of your stay is over and above the limit set out in your policy.
– Age limits may apply.
– Expensive personal devices or business equipment such as laptops, phones, cameras etc.

Travel insurance tips
Never purchase the first policy offered to you. Shop around…and consider the following:

– It is generally cheaper to buy annual holiday insurance or multi trip travel insurance rather than single-trip cover if you are planning to take more than two trips per year.
– Review the excess limit on your policy …this is the amount you pay towards the claim.
– If you are a backpacker there is a specific long stay insurance policy available.
– It may be cheaper to purchase your policy online rather than over the phone.
– It may assist you in getting a discount if you let the insurance company know that you have a health insurance policy.

Making claiming:
These are some areas to consider if you have to make a claim:

– Do not leave it too late to submit a claim.
– Make sure you keep a record of receipts, police statements and reports to support your claim.
– Make sure you complete all parts of the claim form.
– If you have failed to tell the insurance company about a pre-existing illness and then try and claim against this illness, the claim will be declined.
– Contact the insurance company as soon as you realise something has gone wrong, rather than leaving it until you get back home. The insurance company may be better able to advise you on any local procedures/extra documentation you may require while still abroad that will help support your claim.

All contents on Compare Insurance Ireland is for informational purposes only and is not to be considered as financial advise. Thank you for visiting our travel insurance website, enjoy your trip!