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Are you looking forward to your time away from the office or a break from the Irish weather? Most Irish holidaymakers will put a lot of thought into what to bring, how to spend their time exploring their new surroundings and what activities or excursions to plan. Take a little time to review and compare multitrip travel insurance prices, benefits and cover limits, as it will offer you peace of mind knowing that you have sufficient cover in place while you’re abroad.

If you plan on taking more than one holiday this year, you may save money by purchasing an annual travel insurance policy, which will cover you, your partner or your family for several trips. Multitrip cover, also known as annual travel insurance, will allow more flexibility for last-minute getaways and out of the blue city breaks. Get a cheap annual travel insurance quote now and save.

Get Cheaper Multitrip Travel Insurance

Relax and enjoy long summer nights, having a glass of wine on the balcony or taking a stroll on the beach. Here are some multitrip travel insurance handy tips.

  • When purchasing a multitrip policy, ensure you know the maximum duration of any one trip. Depending on the insurer, the period can range from 20 to 60 days per trip.
  • If you decide on a holiday outside your original destination, we recommend you contact the insurance company to upgrade the policy to the new destination before you travel. UK, Europe, Worldwide etc
  • Frequent traveller, if you plan on taking more than one trip this year, you may save money by purchasing multitrip holiday insurance rather than a few single trip policies.
  • Book online; some travel insurance companies offer a discounted web quote for online travel insurance purchases.
  • Save money by selecting the option on the website to enable the travel insurance company to email the multitrip holiday insurance documentation rather than sending it to you in the post. Postage charges can be expensive.
  • Shop around for multitrip travel insurance; you may be able to buy a new suitcase with savings.
  • When comparing and reviewing travel insurance products, ensure you compare like with like; the main criteria to compare are cancellation cover, medical expenses and lost baggage.
  • Always bring a copy of your holiday insurance policy and emergency assistance number when travelling abroad. Keep them safe by storing them on your phone or keeping the details in your wallet or purse.
  • If your luggage goes missing or is damaged, you must report the incident to the airline and complete a PIR report.
  • If, in the unfortunate event, items are stolen, report the incident to the local Garda or police station within 24 hours to confirm the incident did occur.
  • If you have a pre-existing medical condition, contact the insurance company to disclose this specific illness. You may have to phone a pre-existing medical screening number or ask your GP for a letter confirming you are fit to travel.
  • If you fall ill abroad, ensure you contact the emergency assistance number and keep all receipts from the health centre or hospital. The emergency assistance number details should be on your travel insurance policy documentation.

Why Should I Buy Annual Travel Insurance?

Annual multitrip travel insurance will cover you to take multiple trips within the year. Compare cheap yearly travel insurance for great deals. Whether it is a city break in April, a sea, sun and sand holiday in the summer or a skiing holiday in the winter, make sure you’re well covered. Many Irish holiday insurance companies now offer optional levels of cover. These include winter sports, golf cover, business cover, cruise cover, wedding cover and volcanic ash insurance.

Multitrip insurance is a policy which will protect the insured for multiple trips over a year. This holiday policy covers the insured for one year (365 days). Holidays or trips do not have to be planned before taking out annual insurance. The individual’s age, duration and destination will influence the quoted price. Thank you for visiting our comparison site; we hope we saved you time and money!

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