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Compare car insurance Ireland is an insurance comparison engine for Irish residents. Our mission is to find you the cheapest car insurance quote on the market. We recommend that you compare like with like when reviewing online car insurance policies. Ensure you understand the benefits as the criteria may vary depending on the provider.

The insurance industry in Ireland is fiercely competitive as a result; you may be able to get a much better deal by shopping around. These are the main factors that will influence your motor insurance premium, type of vehicle, engine size, location, driving history, age and annual mileage. We have included a list of cheap car insurance tips below to help you reduce the cost of your insurance. Compare car insurance quotes today for great deals!

How can I get cheaper car insurance?

Review our cheap car insurance tips below. We hope that these suggestions will help you find a more competitive car insurance quote. It is essential to know what to look for when buying car insurance. This guide will give you a better understanding of what you can do to reduce your premium.

Policy downgrade
If your car is more than ten years old, you could look at reducing the level of cover to third party fire and theft.

Insurance excess
If you increase the excess limit on your policy, this may help to reduce your insurance costs. The excess limit is the amount you pay towards the claim.

Add your spouse
Look at adding your partner to your policy as this may reduce your quote. If in doubt, give us a call, and we will be happy to help.

Value of your car
Ensure you cover your vehicle for the correct amount, as this will affect the cost of your annual premium. If you over or undervalue your car, this could cause issues if you need to make a claim.

No claims discount
The higher the number of years your policy remains claims-free the better chance you have of getting a cheaper policy.

Car alarm
Cars with an alarm may get cheaper cover. If your vehicle does not have one, we would suggest getting one fitted.

Garage or public street
Some car insurers may offer a better quote if you park your car in a garage rather than on a public road. Review the options to see how much you can save.

Shopping around
The best way to reduce your insurance is to shop around. Compare car insurance quotes today it only takes a few minutes. You may be surprised at how much you can save.

What type of car insurance do I need?

It is a good idea to become familiar with the different types of car insurance policies available in Ireland. You need to think about the cover that best suits you. The cover level will depend on several factors, for example, the value of your car, the model, and engine size. There are three main types: Third Party, Third Party Fire and Theft and Fully Comprehensive.

Third party

This policy will generally cover claims brought against you by another party due to damage caused by your car to their vehicle or property and personal injury. If you are in an accident, you will have to pay for the costs and repairs for your vehicle. This type of policy may suit drivers if the following circumstances apply:

  • Cars with a low market value
  • Young drivers

Third party fire and theft

This policy will generally insure you for the above benefits plus damage to your vehicle caused by fire and theft.

Fully comprehensive

This policy has the highest level of insurance. If your car is worth over €2k, a fully comprehensive may be worth your while. Cover levels will vary depending on the insurer, but most will cover for the above benefits plus:

  • Breakdown assistance.
  • Glass and windscreen damage.
  • Damage or theft to personal belongings.
  • Cover for driving someone else’s car.

Check out our blog to learn more, Third Party, Third Party Fire and Theft and Fully Comprehensive

Frequently asked questions

How soon will I be insured to drive?

You are insured to drive when the insurance company approves the policy, and you pay the premium. The insurer will send the details in the post.

What is Policy Excess?

In the event you need to make a claim, you will have to pay an excess amount towards the cost, this is known as Policy Excess. Details will be in your policy documents; excess limits range from €250 to €1,000.

What is a No Claims Discount?

A No Claims Discount is a discount offered to policyholders for safe driving. For every year that you do not submit a claim, you will get a discount, generally up to 5 years.

What is No Claims Bonus Protection?

No Claims Bonus Protection is a benefit you can add to your car insurance policy for an additional fee. This feature will protect your No Claims Bonus in the event of a claim.

Are lost keys covered?

This benefit will depend on the type of policy. If burglars steal your car keys from your home, most insurers will cover the cost of new locks on your car.

Can I drive somebody else’s car?

This benefit will depend on the level and type of cover you have in place.

What is Windscreen Cover?

Windscreen Cover will cover windscreen damage for comprehensive policies as standard. You can also add this cover to Third Party Fire and Theft policies for an additional fee.

Can I add someone to my policy?

Yes, but terms and limits may apply. Give us a call today for more information.

How do I make a claim?

The claims department contact number and details will be on your documents. Customer support will guide you through the claims process.

We have teamed up with O’Callaghan Insurance Ltd for car insurance quotes. We have automated decision making in place. If you would like a decision reviewed, please phone us to discuss. Thank you for visiting our insurance comparison site. We hope that you were able to find the cheapest car insurance policy on the market. Safe driving!

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