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Cheap van insurance Ireland

Looking for cheap van insurance? Save time and money by comparing van insurance quotes and policies from the leading insurance companies. Whether you need cover for a van, a bus or a truck you will find it here.

Van insurance covers you against a number of risks, it is very similar to motor insurance. However, you cannot insure your van with a car insurance policy, especially if you use it for business.

Commercial vehicle insurance will cover you against theft and third-party costs if you cause an accident. It may also cover you for repairs to your own van. Depending on the type of policy you decide to buy it may also pay out if you top up with the wrong fuel or if you lose your keys.

What is van insurance?

Van insurance is designed specifically to cover your commercial vehicle against accidental damage and third-party claims. There are two main types of van insurance policies in Ireland, third-party and fully comprehensive.

A third-party policy will cover you against third party claims and accidental damage caused to other vehicles by your van. And a fully comprehensive policy will protect you against third-party claims and accidental damage to your own van and to other vehicles or their property.

How do I can a cheap van insurance quote?

Before we can compare quotes, we will need these details:

  • Your job
  • Type of van and licence plate
  • Claims, points and accidents
  • Year, model and make
  • The main usage of the van
  • Type and carriage of goods
  • Number of seats or passengers for buses or coaches etc.

Once we have this information, we will search and compare insurance providers for the best van insurance quotes. Call our team today to see if we can beat your renewal.

How to get a cheaper van insurance quote

There are a number of things you should note when buying van insurance in Ireland that may save you money, see below:

Extras: van insurance policies come with extras such as breakdown cover and personal liability. By removing these from the policy you may get a cheaper quote.

No claims bonus: the higher the no claims bonus you have built up, the better chance you have of getting of a cheaper policy.

Alarms and security: you may reduce your van insurance cost if you have installed anti-theft devices and an alarm. If you park your van in a garage you may also avail of a more affordable premium.

Usage: if you spend less time driving the van you may get a better rate.

Excess limit: : if you chose to increase the excess limit on your policy, you may be able to avail of a cheaper van insurance premium.

Shop around: do not renew your van insurance policy, shop around to see if you can get a better deal.

Whether you are a young driver working as a sole trader or a firm with a large fleet of vans. Phone now and our customer service team will be happy to compare insurance companies. Thank you for visiting Compare Insurance Ireland, we hope that we were able to find you the cheapest van insurance quote on the market.