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Bicycle Insurance Ireland

Are you searching for great value comprehensive bicycle insurance? Get a cheap bicycle insurance quote online in Ireland today and save. A standard bicycle insurance policy should cover your bicycle and accessories, whether cycling for fun, commuting or sport, against unfortunate incidents like theft, vandalism, damage, and so much more.

In Ireland, the cost of purchasing a bicycle can range from hundreds to thousands of Euros, so it is comforting to know that these environmentally friendly, healthy and fun modes of transport can be insured for up to €10,000 each. And if you have more bikes in your household, you can insure them all under a single policy up to a maximum of €30,000.

We cover all forms of bicycles, from tricycles to mountain bikes, at home and abroad. Please note that benefits, limits, terms, and criteria may vary; we recommend that you review the insurance schedule and policy wording. We have outlined some general frequently asked questions below for you.

What Does Bicycle Insurance Cover?

Are you searching for cheap bicycle Insurance in Ireland? As more and more people are using the humble bicycle to commute to and from work, it is now more important than ever to review the different types of cover available. Some of the main benefits include theft, accidental damage and cover for clothing and accessories.

Theft cover

As bicycles become more advanced and expensive, they attract even greater attention from unsavoury characters, who can steal and resell a bike within 24 hours. Theft cover means the insurer will replace the bicycle due to theft, replace parts that have been taken or fix the damage done to the bike after a failed theft attempt.

Accidental damage cover

An insurance policy will cover you for a damaged bicycle due to an accident. If your bike can’t be repaired, then a good insurer would usually replace the bike new for old, up to the value that it’s insured for. 


Cycling Insurance FAQs

Am I covered if I bring my bicycle abroad?

There are policies available that offer comprehensive cover for taking your bicycle abroad. Geographical limits generally apply for up to a maximum of 90 days in any 12-month period in the Republic of Ireland and Worldwide. Consult the insurer’s policy documents for more details, as criteria may vary depending on the insurance company and underwriter.

Does cover apply to new and older bicycles?

Most bicycle insurance packages cover new and not-so-new bicycles. However, bikes should be of a certain age, typically up to a maximum of three years old. Once insured, your bicycle will stay covered as long as you maintain your premiums.

Do I need evidence of cost and ownership?

As with most types of insurance, it is essential to keep receipts, photographs, frame and model numbers, etc. The original purchase receipt, showing the date, price paid, details of the bicycle, accessories and approved lock, plus the seller’s name and address or other evidence, clearly demonstrates ownership to our satisfaction. You will need this to submit a claim.

Will I have to pay an excess amount in case of a claim?

As with most insurance packages, there will be an excess limit that you will have to pay towards the claim. An excess is the amount shown on your policy schedule that you are responsible for, which will be deducted or payable by you in the event of each agreed claim.

What should I do to protect my bicycle from being stolen?

To ensure that your policy pays out in the instance of theft, you must safeguard your bicycle while out in public. You need to invest in a certified lock from the Sold Secure list. Consult the insurer’s policy document for criteria relating to approved locks. Don’t forget to lock your bike to a permanent object.

Bicycle insurance exclusions?

As bicycles are prone to theft and accidental damage, there will be some coverage exclusions on your policy. Exclusions and criteria may vary depending on the insurance company and underwriter. You should review the policy document for a complete list of exclusions that will apply. We have outlined a list of general exclusions below:

A. Theft:

  • You are not covered if you leave your bike in an unsecured car.
  • You are not covered if you leave your bicycle in a convertible vehicle where the roof has been left open.
  • You are not covered if you store or leave your bike in an unsecured building or site.
  • You are not covered if you store your bike in an opened vehicle boot or roof rack if nobody is in the vehicle.
  • You are not covered if you have given your pedal bike to a friend, colleague or relative. Even with immediate family members, you must add them to the policy.
  • You are not covered if you leave your bicycle unattended in public without locking it to a secure object.

B. Where damage has resulted from:

  • You are not covered if you have failed to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines.
  • You are not covered if you have damaged or deliberately put your bicycle at risk.
  • You are not covered if you have failed to keep your pedal bike in good working order through proper servicing and maintenance of breaks, etc.
  • You are not covered if you have not put the necessary accessories onto your bicycle, e.g. lights, bell, etc.

C. Costs resulting from:

  • Natural wear and tear
  • When you allow a non-approved person to repair your bicycle.
  • Regular maintenance expenditures, e.g. fixing a puncture, etc
  • Any repair carried out not previously authorised by the insurer.
  • Costs related to the non-use of the bicycle.
  • Expenses relating to a claim made within a certain period of taking out or modifying a policy, generally within the first 14 days. However, this will vary depending on the insurer.
  • Costs relating to accessories such as tyres, saddle, mudguards, etc
  • Accessories not originally part of the bicycle at the time of purchase.
  • Claims resulting from acts of war, nuclear incidents or the effects of an overhead aircraft’s sonic boom.
  • VAT if you can reclaim this through your company.
  • Any incident not explicitly covered by the policy.

Bicycle insurance benefits, limits, criteria and definitions may vary from insurer to insurer, so it is essential to read the policy wording carefully. Thank you for visiting our bicycle insurance page; safe cycling!