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House with for sale sign, mortgage protection

Mortgage Protection Explained

Mortgage protection insurance explained Financial institutions offering home loans require the applicant to take out a mortgage protection insurance policy guaranteeing that the outstanding balance on the mortgage will be repaid to the bank in full in the case of the borrower dying before the end of the loan period. On the insured’s death, the […]

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Man in red shirt repairing a car tyre with breakdown assistance.

Breakdown Cover

  Breakdown Cover Roadside Assistance It always seems to happen when you least expect it. Your vehicle won’t start or comes to an abrupt halt, or you might have a problem with a flat tyre.¬†Breakdown assistance will cover you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if your vehicle breaks down in your driveway […]

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Man and a woman driving a car with fully comprehensive car insurance from Compare Insurance Ireland.

Fully Comprehensive

Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance Searching for the right type of car insurance can be confusing. There are three levels of car insurance available in Ireland to choose from Third Party, Third Party Fire and Theft and Fully Comprehensive. In this article, we explain the different features and benefits of each. Third Party Car Insurance is […]

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Girl driving a white vehicle with Third Party Fire and Theft car insurance from Compare Insurance Ireland.

Third Party Fire and Theft

  Third Party Fire & Theft Car Insurance There are three main car insurance policies available in Ireland: Third Party, Third Party Fire and Theft and Fully Comprehensive. Costs for each level of cover may vary, depending on the value of your car, driving experience, age, licence and occupation. In this article, we explain the […]

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Four young drivers in a car with third party car insurance from Compare Insurance Ireland.

Third Party Car Insurance

  Third Party Car Insurance There are three types of car insurance in Ireland, Third Party, Third Party Fire & Theft and Fully Comprehensive. In this article, we will cover Third Party. Third Party Car Insurance Explained Third Party is the minimum level of car insurance required in Ireland. This type of cover will insure […]

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Windscreen cover repairman fixing a car window.

Windscreen Cover

  Windscreen Cover Windscreen Cover insures the cost of getting your car window repaired or replaced in the event of damage. For instance, broken, cracked or chipped glass. Does Windscreen Cover come with all car insurance policies? This benefit generally comes as standard on Fully Comprehensive car insurance policies. If you have a Third Party […]

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Family on a sofa discussing All Risks cover on their home insurance policy.

All Risks Cover

  All Risks Cover All Risks Cover is an additional benefit you can add to your¬†house insurance policy. This optional extra will offer you a better level of cover for valuables than standard contents insurance. These valuables may include electronic equipment, jewellery, cameras, bicycles, laptops etc. This benefit will cover valuables for theft, loss and […]

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A family seated on a sofa in their living room with a laptop searching for home insurance policies.

Cheapest Home Insurance

  Get the cheapest home insurance quote See our top tips below on how to get the cheapest home insurance quote. We will explain what to look out for when buying property insurance and what you can do to reduce your premium. Excess policy on your home insurance Review the excess amount on your policy. […]

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Father and son driving a car, with no claims bonus protection on their insurance policy.

No Claims Bonus Protection

  No Claims Bonus Protection Firstly, a No Claims Bonus (also known as a No Claims Discount) is a discount that an insurance company will offer if you have not claimed in a number of years. A maximum discount is generally offered if you are 5 to 6 years claims free. This discount could reduce […]

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White car on a table, with hands, searching for car insurance no claims discount on a laptop

No Claims Discount

  No Claims Discount In Ireland, insurance companies offer a No Claims Discount (NCD) to reward motorists for safe driving. Some policyholders get confused and misunderstand what it is and how it applies to their car insurance policy. Let me cover some of the most frequently asked questions. What is a No Claims Discount? No […]

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