10 ways to get cheaper car insurance

Would you like to know how to get the cheapest car insurance deal? See our cheap motor insurance article below. We hope that these suggestions will save you time and money.

A woman in a red car holding a set of keys. Tips for affordable car insurance.

  1. Do not always go for the first deal you find.
    Make sure you review all the best motor insurance packages on offer before you select the one that is right for you. This way, you can ensure you are saving on unnecessary additional expenses that come with so many packages, leaving you more money in your pocket!
  2. Never overvalue the car.
    Do not over-insure your vehicle, as you are wasting money. If it is a write-off, the insurance investigator will base your claim on its current value. Not the valuation you placed on the proposal form.
  3. Try leaving your car at home.
    If you commute to your destination (work, shopping, college, etc.), there are motor insurance providers who may discount your premium based on annual mileage. So try the bus, train or bicycle.
  4. Increase the excess amount.
    The excess is the amount you pay towards the claim in the event of an accident. Car insurance excess limits range from €250 to €1,000, the higher the excess limit, the lower the insurance quote.
  5. Check out deals online.
    Competition is fierce, with motor insurance providers fighting to win your business. Shop around and compare cheap car insurance quotes online today; you may be surprised at how much you could save.
  6. Your job description.
    Let the insurance company know when you move to a job that requires less mileage; this may reduce your risk factor and hence your insurance premium. So, not only will you pay less for your petrol but you could knock as much as ten per cent off your annual car insurance costs.
  7. No claims bonus protection.
    A “No Claims Bonus protection” is an optional add-on that allows you to retain your no-claims discount in the event of a claim. By refusing this addition to your policy, you may cut the cost of your annual insurance. However, if you do not have this additional protection, you will lose your no-claims bonus if you do make a claim, and this could result in a higher premium the following year.
  8. Get an anti-theft device fitted.
    Add a car alarm or immobiliser for a cheaper premium, as these anti-theft devices will protect your car from loss due to theft.
  9. Your address.
    There are areas within cities, towns and villages that are considered riskier than others. Similarly, some urban addresses can command higher premiums than rural locations. Of course, if you can park your car overnight in a secure garage, this may reduce your insurance costs.
  10. The model and make of your vehicle.
    The fancier the car, the steeper the motor insurance will be. Expensive cars, high-performance cars and soft rooftop cars, for instance, can bump up your insurance premium over that of a more modest vehicle.

Follow some or all of the above tips, and you could save on your annual motor insurance. Call us today at 042 935 9090, or get an online car insurance quote now. Thank you for visiting our 10 ways to get cheaper car insurance blog. We hope you found it useful.