How to get the cheapest home insurance

See our top tips below on how to get the cheapest home insurance quote. We will explain what to look out for when buying property insurance and what you can do to reduce your premium.

Excess policy on your home insurance

Review the excess amount on your policy. The excess is the amount you will contribute towards a claim and can range from €150 to €1,000. By paying for a larger share of the risk, you will usually reduce your insurance premium. Generally, the higher the excess, the lower the premium, which is good news!

Monitored alarms

Insurance companies will offer a cheaper premium if you have a burglar alarm. It makes sense; a monitored burglar alarm provides you and the insurance company with more security, and in turn, you can benefit from a more affordable quote.

Claims free

A no-claims history will usually help you secure cheaper home insurance. You should always consider the impact on your premium before submitting a claim for small items. Sometimes, it can make sense to cover minor costs yourself to save money on future premiums. As always, it is a balancing act that you should weigh carefully.

All risks cover

All risks cover is an optional extra which protects your valuable items against theft, accidental damage and loss. This is an add-on for valuables such as expensive jewellery that usually fall outside your contents cover. While this additional cover costs extra, it may be one to consider if you have specific items you want to protect.

Compare insurance quotes

You are not obligated to buy a house insurance policy from your mortgage provider. The most important advice we can give you is to shop around for the best house insurance cover. Watch out for good deals; some insurance companies will offer special discounts for buying online. Always compare like with like to make sure you get the best price. Compare cheap home insurance quotes online here!

Home contents value

Look at the value of your household items to confirm that you are not over-insuring your contents. You could reduce your overall home insurance premium by up to 10%.

Property rebuild cost

It is essential to protect your property for the right amount. Cover your home for the rebuild cost rather than the property’s current market value. You could reduce your quote by up to 20%.

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