Third Party Car Insurance

There are three types of car insurance in Ireland: Third Party, Third Party Fire & Theft and Fully Comprehensive. In this article, we will cover Third Party.

Third Party car insurance explained.

Third Party is the minimum level of car insurance required in Ireland. This type of cover will insure you for damage to other vehicles due to an accident caused by you. However, if you are involved in an incident with another car, the insurance policy will not cover damage sustained by your vehicle.

Third Party insurance is a basic level of insurance that covers you if someone claims against you if you cause an accident, injury or damage to another vehicle or their property when driving. The policy will not cover repairs, damage, fire or theft of your car. It is the lowest level of cover required by Irish Law.

Who should consider taking out Third Party car insurance?

Third Party, in most cases, is the least expensive option; it is generally cheaper than a Fully Comprehensive insurance policy as the cover is restricted to Third Party damage. Therefore, it may suit new and young drivers who may not be able to afford a more expensive policy or drivers whose vehicles are worth less than €1,000.

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