Third Party Fire and Theft

There are three main motor insurance policies available in Ireland: Third Party, Third Party Fire and Theft and Fully Comprehensive. Costs for each level of cover may vary, depending on the value of your car, driving experience, age, licence and occupation. In this article, we explain the features of Third Party Fire and Theft.

What is Third Party Fire and Theft car insurance?

Third Party Fire and Theft is an insurance policy that covers you for damage to another vehicle or property in the event of a car accident. It also protects your car from any loss or damage due to fire, attempted theft or theft.

Essentially, it covers your legal liability to a third party individual in case of a claim due to damage to their vehicle or property. It is worth noting this insurance policy will not cover repairs or damage to your vehicle in the event of a car accident with another driver. However, it does provide cover for damage or loss to your car as a result of fire or if your car is stolen.

Who should consider Third Party Fire and Theft?

This level of cover is generally more expensive than Third Party and more affordable than a Fully Comprehensive policy. Therefore, this policy may suit novice and learner drivers or motorists with vehicles worth less than €1,000. You will need to consider the cost and the benefits offered before deciding.

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