Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance

Searching for the right type of car insurance can be confusing. There are three levels of car insurance available in Ireland to choose from Third Party, Third Party Fire and Theft and Fully Comprehensive. In this article, we explain the different features and benefits of each.

Third Party car insurance is the lowest level of insurance required by Irish Law to drive a vehicle. It covers damage or loss to a third party’s car and their property due to a car accident. If your car is damaged, you have the pay for the repairs yourself.

Third Party Fire and Theft car insurance is similar to a Third Party policy. However, it also covers your car for damage or loss due to fire or theft. Again if your car is damaged due to a collision, you have to pay for the repairs.

Fully Comprehensive car insurance, also known as comprehensive insurance, is the best level of car insurance cover you can get in Ireland. This type of policy will cover damage or loss to a third party’s car and property; it will also cover fire and theft damage for your vehicle. Plus, it will cover your vehicle for repairs in the event of an accident, regardless of who is to blame.

Why should I buy Cully Comprehensive car insurance?

Fully Comprehensive is the best level of car insurance available; it will offer you peace of mind as it will cover both your car and someone else’s car in the event of a claim due to a collision. This type of policy is generally more expensive than others; however, it may save you in the long term should you need to make a claim or if someone makes a claim against you.

Plus, Fully Comprehensive will generally include Windscreen Cover, Breakdown Assistance and a courtesy car in the event your car is being repaired. Criteria and benefits may vary depending on the insurer.

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