Tips for finding cheap travel insurance

Save money with these helpful suggestions for cheaper travel insurance, and get the holiday cover that suits you. Compare travel insurance quotes in Ireland today. The type of policy you require will depend on your travel plans. Whether it’s Annual cover for multiple trips within the year, a single trip for a once-off break, or backpacker travel insurance for extended-stay trips, buy the travel insurance that best suits your needs, as there can be a significant price difference.

Woman in the airport with a red suitcase. Cheap holiday insurance tips.

Travel destination

If you plan to travel to Spain, you will not require a Worldwide travel insurance policy. European travel insurance is generally cheaper than Worldwide coverage. Travel policies that include Worldwide, US, Canada, and Mexico are more expensive because of the cost of medical care. If you’re not travelling there, there is no need to add these destinations to your policy.

Types of travel insurance

If you plan to travel with your partner or family, it may be cheaper to get a couple or family policy than a single trip travel insurance policy.

Annual travel insurance

If you plan to travel more than two times a year, you may get a better deal with multi-trip annual travel insurance rather than buying 2 to 3 single-trip policies.

Holiday insurance extras

Decide if you want to include all the extras on the policy. In most cases, the standard policy should be satisfactory. There is no point in taking out a premium policy and over-insuring your trip if you do not need the cover. Review postage cover, winter sports travel insurance cover and the limits on cancellation, baggage, cruise cover etc.

Health insurance

If you have an existing health insurance policy which includes medical cover abroad, you may be able to get a discount on your policy. It should be outlined on the travel insurance site.

European health insurance card

The EHIC offers free or discounted healthcare if you plan to travel around Europe. It provides access to public healthcare facilities while visiting participating countries. However, The EHIC should not be considered a travel insurance alternative. Unlike the EHIC, travel insurance can cover private medical treatment, associated costs, and repatriation. Apply for an EHIC in Ireland.

Cheapest travel insurance

The cheapest travel insurance policy may not always be the best cover for you. Compare holiday insurance benefits such as cancellation, baggage and medical expenses. Other points to note: if you have a pre-existing medical condition, you may need to contact the insurance company to see if they will offer cover for that specific condition.

Compare travel insurance

You may be surprised at how much you can save; don’t buy the first travel insurance policy offered by the tour operators or travel agency. Compare travel insurance quotes online to see how much you can save.